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The two days summit is full of rich content and insights for this period of digital transformation.

Wednesday, 9th December 2020

Opening Remarks
  • Dinis Guarda
  • sadfasdf
How can Governments & Businesses manage the Challenges of COVID-19 - Digital transformation 4IR, AI, Blockchain, FinTech?
  • Dinis Guarda
    Dinis Guarda
    CEO and Founder of ztudium, Thought Leader & Influencer
  • Sanjay Aggarwal
    Sanjay Aggarwal
    Chairman & CEO at Paramount Communications Limited | President at PHD Chamber of Commerce
  • Saifuddin Abdullah
    Saifuddin Abdullah
    Minister of Communications of Malaysia
4IR, Society 5.0 Digital Twins what are the key steps for Smart Governments and Businesses?
  • Hilton Supra
    Hilton Supra
    Vice Chairman ztudium and citiesabc
  • Rais Hussin
    Rais Hussin
    Chairman Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation MDEC
  • Ricardo Greenfield
    Ricardo Greenfield
    Branch Manager - EurA AG | Managing Director EurA-PT
  • Jayne Chan
    Jayne Chan
    The Government of the Hong Kong SAR
Global Regulatory Government and Business - Fintech Ecosystem
  • Asad Sultan
    Asad Sultan
    Chief Executive Officer at Deutsche Malayan Ventures
  • Martin Signer
    Martin Signer
    Managing Director at SmartMoneyMatch
  • Tony Horrell
    Tony Horrell
    Chairman & CEO at Cranium Ventures
  • Nameer Khan
    Nameer Khan
    "Chairman and Founding Board Member MENA FinTech Association"
  • Xan Varmuza
    Xan Varmuza
    CEO and founder of Aureus Ventures
4IR: How Cities & Businesses can Transform their infrastructure & supply chain with Society 5.0 AI Blockchain Sustainability frameworks?
  • Hilton Supra
    Hilton Supra
    Vice Chairman ztudium and citiesabc
  • Kiran Fernandes
    Kiran Fernandes
    Professor and Associate Dean Durham University UK
  • Michael Stanley Jones
    Michael Stanley Jones
    Programme Management Officer (Knowledge Management & Digital Transformation) at United Nations Environment Programme
  • Rhona Morrell
    Rhona Morrell
    Founder of Coco Airlie Consulting
4IR Technology, Data + Cybersecurity: How can Businesses Reduce Risk in Times of Rapid Change & Data?
  • Nitin Kalra
    Nitin Kalra
    Country Manager ALQIMI
  • Alexander Pisemskiy
    Alexander Pisemskiy
    Partner at Kalita Partners
  • " CEO of Talentedge"
    " CEO of Talentedge"
  • Manmeet Singh
    Manmeet Singh
    Dy CEO at FirstMeridian Business Services
  • Anil Chopra
    Anil Chopra
    Director in Bajaj Capital Group of Companies
Innovative Financing and PPP Models: Funding and Accelerating Businesses and Startups
  • Efi Pylarinou
    Efi Pylarinou
    Global Influencer - Fintech & 4IR Tech
  • Max Lautenschlaeger
    Max Lautenschlaeger
    Managing Partner & Co-Founder at Iconic Holding
  • Khalid Saad
    Khalid Saad
    "Board Member Bahrain Chapter Oqal Angel Investors"
  • Rob C Wells
    Rob C Wells
    Founder & CEO of Gold Fingr
Capital markets, Digital Assets and ESG with 4IR, Blockchain and Society 5.0
  • Hirander Misra
    Hirander Misra
    Chairman & CEO GMEX Group & SECDEX
  • Xavier Gomez
    Xavier Gomez
    Founder and COO at INVYO The Future of Finance
  • Dr. Pinar Emirdag
    Dr. Pinar Emirdag
    Global Head of Digital Client Services, JP Morgan
  • Lisa Short
    Lisa Short
    Founder & Director of Mind Shifting | Advancing Frontier Technologies
Technology, Blockchain, AI, Automation. What is the future?
  • Dinis Guarda
    Dinis Guarda
    CEO and Founder of ztudium, Thought Leader & Influencer
  • Ben Goertzel
    Ben Goertzel
    Founder of SingularityNET
  • Aidan Meller
    Aidan Meller
    Creator of Ai-Da robot
  • Dr. Jamal Ouenniche
    Dr. Jamal Ouenniche
    Professor and Chair in Business Analytics at the University of Edinburgh Business School | Member of the Senate
C Sharp community and technology - a code for the present and future
End of Day 1 of the Conference

Thursday, 10th December 2020

Opening Remarks
The Global Business & Startup digital and Tech landscape - Challenges and Opportunities?
  • Eric van der Kleij
    Eric van der Kleij
    Cofounder, creator of, former adviser to U.K. Prime Minister -
  • Cato Ochi
    Cato Ochi
    Special Advisor to the State Minister, Business and political Consultant, Versatile TV personality, Film Director
The Global Business & Startup digital and Tech landscape - Challenges and Opportunities?
  • Dinis Guarda
    Dinis Guarda
    CEO and Founder of ztudium | Thought Leader & Influencer
  • Oleksandr Bornyakov
    Oleksandr Bornyakov
    "Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation for IT Development Ukraine"
  • Tina Jabeen
    Tina Jabeen
    CEO & Founder of Bangladesh Startup CEO Founder
  • Tran Van Tung
    Tran Van Tung
    Deputy Minister, Ministry of Science and Technology Vietnam
  • Andrés Saborido
    Andrés Saborido
    Managing Director at Wayra
Film Break
How can Frontier tech: Blockchain, AI, IoT, Fintech change our governments, cities and society?
  • Javed Khattak
    Javed Khattak
    Co-founder and CEO of Zisk Properties
  • Kohei Kurihara
    Kohei Kurihara
    Co-Founder Privacy by Design Lab I Government Blockchain Association President of Tokyo Chapter
  • Edwin Diender
    Edwin Diender
    CDxO and Vice President, Government & Public Sector, Global Government Business Unit of Huawei Enterprise
  • Craig Skeldon
    Craig Skeldon
    Business Development Manager | Bayes Centre | The University of Edinburgh
  • Armando Gonzalez
    Armando Gonzalez
    CEO Ravenpack
Ecosystem Digitalisation: decentralised Digital Assets, DeFi, Blockchain and Crypto
  • Simon Cocking
    Simon Cocking
    Chief Editor Irish Tech News
  • Babak Behboudi Dolatsaraei
    Babak Behboudi Dolatsaraei
    Co-Founder, CEO and Head of Global Operations at SYNCHRONIUM®
  • Mamadou Toure
    Mamadou Toure
    Founder and Chairman of Africa 2.0
  • Sergei Khitrov
    Sergei Khitrov
    Founder & Jets.Capital
  • Peter Kristensen
    Peter Kristensen
    Co-CEO of JP Fund Services
How can Governments/Business/Universities Develop Education, Policies & Solutions to Support Business & Society?
  • David Siegel
    David Siegel
    Founder of Cutting Through the Noise
  • Yu Xiong
    Yu Xiong
    Associate Dean International, Chair of Business Analytics
  • Dr. Kartikay Saini
    Dr. Kartikay Saini
    Chairman-Scottish High International School | Board Member-Special Olympics
  • Marc Buckley
    Marc Buckley
    ALOHAS Resilience Foundation, SDG Advocate, Expert for WEF, and Global Food Reformist I Berlin School fo r Sustainable Futures University of Applied Sciences Professor
  • Dr. Vishal Talwar
    Dr. Vishal Talwar
    Dean & Director at BML Munjal University
  • Dr. Tanuj Nandan
    Dr. Tanuj Nandan
    Professor at the School of Management Studies, Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology Allahabad, Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, India | Associate Dean, Academics
How Blockchain and 4IR Can Transform Traditional Business, Governments and Impact the Markets ecosystems in the Future
  • Leon Acosta
    Leon Acosta
    VP of Product at ztudiumm | Board Advisor at The Storm Network | Founder of Blockchain Hanoi,
  • Ludovic Courcelas
    Ludovic Courcelas
    Government Strategy Lead at ConsenSys
  • Eloisa Marchesoni
    Eloisa Marchesoni
    Co-founder and COO of Blackchain
Government and Smart Cities Interplay: The Fusion of 5G, AI, Big Data and IoT, Cybersecurity
  • Antonio Santos
    Antonio Santos
    Community manager of Atos
  • Shameer Thaha
    Shameer Thaha
    Global Chief Strategy Officer at Accubits Technologies
  • Aghiath Chbib
    Aghiath Chbib
    Founder and CEO at SEECRA
  • Jose Graca
    Jose Graca
    Chairman and CEO of Bizmoni Corp.
(Smart) Cities & Smart Government: ID, Healthcare, Wellness, AI, Privacy, Data Protection, Cybersecurity
  • Jaewon Peter Chun
    Jaewon Peter Chun
    President at World Smart Cities Forum
  • Joao Bocas
    Joao Bocas
    Global Keynote Speaker CEO at Digital Salutem
  • Yu Xiong
    Yu Xiong
    Associate Dean International, Chair of Business Analytics
Future Governments & Cities: what Roads to Smart Sustainable, Accessibility + Inclusive society?
  • Debra Ruh
    Debra Ruh
    CEO and Founder of Ruh Global IMPACT, Human Potential at Work (HPAW) Talk Show Host and Co-Host of AXSChat
  • Maya Zuckerman
    Maya Zuckerman
    COO Luman
  • Richard Streitz
    Richard Streitz
    "Chief Operating Officer (COO) Ruh Global IMPACT"
  • Marco Robinson
    Marco Robinson
    Founder of NAKED technologies
  • Uriel Alvarado
    Uriel Alvarado
    Co-founder and CEO of Grupo BienAhora and BienFest
Closing Remarks
End of Day 2 of the Conference