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The two days summit is full of rich content and insights for this period of digital transformation.

Wednesday, 9th December 2020

Opening Remarks
  • Dinis Guarda
  • sadfasdf
How can Governments & Businesses manage the Challenges of COVID-19 - Digital transformation 4IR, AI, Blockchain, FinTech?
  • Dinis Guarda
    Dinis Guarda
    CEO and Founder of ztudium, Thought Leader & Influencer
  • Sanjay Aggarwal
    Sanjay Aggarwal
    Chairman & CEO at Paramount Communications Limited | President at PHD Chamber of Commerce
  • Saifuddin Abdullah
    Saifuddin Abdullah
    Minister of Communications of Malaysia
  • Elise Quevedo
    Elise Quevedo
    Founder of SMGE Ltd I Author and Global Thought Leader
4IR, Society 5.0 Digital Twins what are the key steps for Smart Governments and Businesses?
  • Hilton Supra
    Hilton Supra
    Vice Chairman ztudium and citiesabc
  • Rais Hussin
    Rais Hussin
    Chairman Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation MDEC
  • Ricardo Greenfield
    Ricardo Greenfield
    Branch Manager - EurA AG | Managing Director EurA-PT
  • Jayne Chan
    Jayne Chan
    The Government of the Hong Kong SAR
Global Regulatory Government and Business - Fintech Ecosystem
  • Asad Sultan
    Asad Sultan
    Chief Executive Officer at Deutsche Malayan Ventures
  • Martin Signer
    Martin Signer
    Managing Director at SmartMoneyMatch
  • Tony Horrell
    Tony Horrell
    Chairman & CEO at Cranium Ventures
  • Nameer Khan
    Nameer Khan
    "Chairman and Founding Board Member MENA FinTech Association"
  • Xan Varmuza
    Xan Varmuza
    CEO and founder of Aureus Ventures
4IR: How Cities & Businesses can Transform their infrastructure & supply chain with Society 5.0 AI Blockchain Sustainability frameworks?
  • Hilton Supra
    Hilton Supra
    Vice Chairman ztudium and citiesabc
  • Kiran Fernandes
    Kiran Fernandes
    Professor and Associate Dean Durham University UK
  • Michael Stanley Jones
    Michael Stanley Jones
    Programme Management Officer (Knowledge Management & Digital Transformation) at United Nations Environment Programme
  • Rhona Morrell
    Rhona Morrell
    Founder of Coco Airlie Consulting
  • Monika Kočiová
    Monika Kočiová
    Slovak Chamber of Commerce & Industry-Kosice Regional Chamber
4IR Technology, Data + Cybersecurity: How can Businesses Reduce Risk in Times of Rapid Change & Data?
  • Nitin Kalra
    Nitin Kalra
    Country Manager ALQIMI
  • Alexander Pisemskiy
    Alexander Pisemskiy
    Partner at Kalita Partners
  • " CEO of Talentedge"
    " CEO of Talentedge"
  • Manmeet Singh
    Manmeet Singh
    Dy CEO at FirstMeridian Business Services
  • Anil Chopra
    Anil Chopra
    Director in Bajaj Capital Group of Companies
  • Nitin Sethi
    Nitin Sethi
    Head of Digital Transformation, Indigo
Innovative Financing and PPP Models: Funding and Accelerating Businesses and Startups
  • Efi Pylarinou
    Efi Pylarinou
    Global Influencer - Fintech & 4IR Tech
  • Max Lautenschlaeger
    Max Lautenschlaeger
    Managing Partner & Co-Founder at Iconic Holding
  • Khalid Saad
    Khalid Saad
    "Board Member Bahrain Chapter Oqal Angel Investors"
  • Rob C Wells
    Rob C Wells
    Founder & CEO of Gold Fingr
  • Jonathon K. Gowen
    Jonathon K. Gowen
    Founding Partner at Blue Capital Partners Ltd and Strategic Advisor to the Board of Capital Property Partners (London) Limited
Capital markets, Digital Assets and ESG with 4IR, Blockchain and Society 5.0
  • Hirander Misra
    Hirander Misra
    Chairman & CEO GMEX Group & SECDEX
  • Xavier Gomez
    Xavier Gomez
    Founder and COO at INVYO The Future of Finance
  • Dr. Pinar Emirdag
    Dr. Pinar Emirdag
    Global Head of Digital Client Services, JP Morgan
  • Professor Lisa Short
    Professor Lisa Short
    Founder & Director of Mind Shifting | Advancing Frontier Technologies
  • Jessica T.Naga
    Jessica T.Naga
    Co-Founding Partner of Digital Partners Network
Technology, Blockchain, AI, Automation. What is the future?
  • Dinis Guarda
    Dinis Guarda
    CEO and Founder of ztudium, Thought Leader & Influencer
  • Ben Goertzel
    Ben Goertzel
    Founder of SingularityNET
  • Aidan Meller
    Aidan Meller
    Creator of Ai-Da robot
  • Dr. Jamal Ouenniche
    Dr. Jamal Ouenniche
    Professor and Chair in Business Analytics at the University of Edinburgh Business School | Member of the Senate
C Sharp community and technology - a code for the present and future
  • Magnus Mårtensson
    Magnus Mårtensson
    Microsoft Regional Director | CEO of Loftysoft
  • Allen ONeill
    Allen ONeill
    Microsoft Regional Director | CTO of ‘The DataWorks’
  • Mae McCreary
    Mae McCreary
    Marketing Associate at Mindcracker
End of Day 1 of the Conference

Thursday, 10th December 2020

Opening Remarks
The Global Business & Startup digital and Tech landscape - Challenges and Opportunities?
  • Eric van der Kleij
    Eric van der Kleij
    Cofounder EdenBase.com, creator of Level39.co, former adviser to U.K. Prime Minister - Technation.io.
  • Cato Ochi
    Cato Ochi
    Special Advisor to the State Minister, Business and political Consultant, Versatile TV personality, Film Director
  • Naokazu Takemoto
    Naokazu Takemoto
    Minister of State for Science & Technology Policy
The Global Business & Startup digital and Tech landscape - Challenges and Opportunities?
  • Dinis Guarda
    Dinis Guarda
    CEO and Founder of ztudium | Thought Leader & Influencer
  • Oleksandr Bornyakov
    Oleksandr Bornyakov
    "Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation for IT Development Ukraine"
  • Tina Jabeen
    Tina Jabeen
    CEO & Founder of Bangladesh Startup CEO Founder
  • Tran Van Tung
    Tran Van Tung
    Deputy Minister, Ministry of Science and Technology Vietnam
  • Luisa Rubio Arribas
    Luisa Rubio Arribas
    Head of Wayra X (Telefonica's startup wing)
Film Break
How can Frontier tech: Blockchain, AI, IoT, Fintech change our governments, cities and society?
  • Javed Khattak
    Javed Khattak
    Co-founder and CEO of Zisk Properties
  • Kohei Kurihara
    Kohei Kurihara
    Co-Founder Privacy by Design Lab I Government Blockchain Association President of Tokyo Chapter
  • Edwin Diender
    Edwin Diender
    CDxO and Vice President, Government & Public Sector, Global Government Business Unit of Huawei Enterprise
  • Craig Skeldon
    Craig Skeldon
    Business Development Manager | Bayes Centre | The University of Edinburgh
  • Armando Gonzalez
    Armando Gonzalez
    CEO Ravenpack
Ecosystem Digitalisation: decentralised Digital Assets, DeFi, Blockchain and Crypto
  • Simon Cocking
    Simon Cocking
    Chief Editor Irish Tech News
  • Babak Behboudi Dolatsaraei
    Babak Behboudi Dolatsaraei
    Co-Founder, CEO and Head of Global Operations at SYNCHRONIUM®
  • Mamadou Toure
    Mamadou Toure
    Founder and Chairman of Africa 2.0
  • Sergei Khitrov
    Sergei Khitrov
    Founder Listing.help & Jets.Capital
  • Peter Kristensen
    Peter Kristensen
    Co-CEO of JP Fund Services
How can Governments/Business/Universities Develop Education, Policies & Solutions to Support Business & Society?
  • David Siegel
    David Siegel
    Founder of Cutting Through the Noise
  • Dr. Kartikay Saini
    Dr. Kartikay Saini
    Chairman-Scottish High International School | Board Member-Special Olympics
  • Marc Buckley
    Marc Buckley
    ALOHAS Resilience Foundation, SDG Advocate, Expert for WEF, and Global Food Reformist I Berlin School fo r Sustainable Futures University of Applied Sciences Professor
  • Dr. Vishal Talwar
    Dr. Vishal Talwar
    Dean & Director at BML Munjal University
  • Dr. Tanuj Nandan
    Dr. Tanuj Nandan
    Professor at the School of Management Studies, Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology Allahabad, Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, India | Associate Dean, Academics
How Blockchain and 4IR Can Transform Traditional Business, Governments and Impact the Markets ecosystems in the Future
  • Leon Acosta
    Leon Acosta
    VP of Product at ztudiumm | Board Advisor at The Storm Network | Founder of Blockchain Hanoi,
  • Ludovic Courcelas
    Ludovic Courcelas
    Government Strategy Lead at ConsenSys
  • Eloisa Marchesoni
    Eloisa Marchesoni
    Co-founder and COO of Blackchain
  • Felix Mago
    Felix Mago
    Co-Founder of Dash NEXT
Government and Smart Cities Interplay: The Fusion of 5G, AI, Big Data and IoT, Cybersecurity
  • Antonio Santos
    Antonio Santos
    Community manager of Atos
  • Shameer Thaha
    Shameer Thaha
    Global Chief Strategy Officer at Accubits Technologies
  • Aghiath Chbib
    Aghiath Chbib
    Founder and CEO at SEECRA
  • Jose Graca
    Jose Graca
    Chairman and CEO of Bizmoni Corp.
(Smart) Cities & Smart Government: ID, Healthcare, Wellness, AI, Privacy, Data Protection, Cybersecurity
  • Jaewon Peter Chun
    Jaewon Peter Chun
    President at World Smart Cities Forum
  • Joao Bocas
    Joao Bocas
    Global Keynote Speaker CEO at Digital Salutem
  • Yu Xiong
    Yu Xiong
    Associate Dean International, Chair of Business Analytics
  • Linda Goetze
    Linda Goetze
    Co-Founder and EVP DFM Data Corp. | Former President/CEO Blockchain Chamber of Commerce | Emerging Tech Thought Leader
Future Governments & Cities: what Roads to Smart Sustainable, Accessibility + Inclusive society?
  • Debra Ruh
    Debra Ruh
    CEO and Founder of Ruh Global IMPACT, Human Potential at Work (HPAW) Talk Show Host and Co-Host of AXSChat
  • Maya Zuckerman
    Maya Zuckerman
    COO Luman
  • Richard Streitz
    Richard Streitz
    "Chief Operating Officer (COO) Ruh Global IMPACT"
  • Marco Robinson
    Marco Robinson
    Founder of NAKED technologies
  • Uriel Alvarado
    Uriel Alvarado
    Co-founder and CEO of Grupo BienAhora and BienFest
Closing Remarks
End of Day 2 of the Conference