• 20th April
  • 21st April
  • 22nd April

20th April UK Time, 10 panels 50 Speakers

Topics: Smart business- smart SMEs Day – Society & Business – 4IR Frontier tech and society 5.0, Digital Inclusion, AI, big data, IOT, Social Impact Wellness – Healthtech, Digital Literacy, Cyber Security, Social Media, Data

08:00 (Opening panel) – Short film about – 5 minute –

A Smarter Society, Smarter Business, Smarter cities – Launch of Summit and white paper citiesabc openbusinesscouncil Indexdna SCBI Scientific Cities and Business Index


  • Dinis Guarda, Executive Chairman openbusinesscouncil

  • Jaewon Peter Chun, President World Smart Cities Forum


  • Ms. Valeriya Ionan, Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation, Ukraine

  • Dimitrios Psarakis – EU Parliament

  • Prof Kiran Fernandes – Vice Dean University Durham, UNESCO UK

10:00 (Panel) Creating Smarter Digital Transformation Businesses in a Time of Covid 19


  • Hilton Supra, Vice Chairman openbusinesscouncil


  • Barry Mckeon, Senior Policy Manager Digital Europe

  • Florian von Tucher, Chairman of EU Tech Chamber

  • Surina Shukri, CEO MDEC – Malaysia Digital Economic Corporation Sanjay Aggrawal, President PHDCCI

11:45 (Panel) Challenges and Opportunities with 4IR, Big Data, IoT and Cybersecurity to Businesses and SMEs


  • Aghiath Chbib, Founder & CEO SEECRA


  • Nikhil Malhotra – Global Head of Innovation Tech Mahindra

  • Armando Gonzalez, CEO Ravenpack

  • Daniel Steeves, CEO Steeves Solution

13:00 (Panel) – Digital HealthTech & Wellness Post Covid 19


  • Anca Petre, CEO 23 Consulting and Healthcare Influencer


  • Joao Bocas, Digital Salutem, UK

  • Prakriti Poddar – Global Head at Roundglass, MD Poddar Wellness,

  • Ryan Abbott – Professor of Law & Health Sciences at University of Surrey

  • Widy Medina, CEO & Founder Telebionix

14:15 (Panel) – Access and Inclusion in Smart Cities and AI


  • Debra Ruh, Founder & CEO Ruh Global IMPACT


  • Lori B. Golden,Abilities Strategy Leader Ernst & Young

  • Ivo van den Brand, Global Brand Lead, CSR, Huawei Consumer Business Group

  • Darren Rowen, Global Program Manager and Accessibility Lead, Eli Lilly

  • James Thurston, Vice President for Global Strategy and Development at G3ict

15:30 (Panel) – How can Tech4All, Tech4Good and AI4Good Support CSR and CDR


  • LaMondre Pough, Chief Sustainability Officer Ruh Global IMPACT


  • Darryl Adams, Assistive Technology Innovation, Disability Inclusion, Intel

  • Maya Zuckerman, COO Luman

  • Richard Streitz, COO, Ruh Global IMPACT

  • Joy Tan, SVP Public Affairs, Huawei

17:00 (Panel ) The Role and Importance of Innovation and data in the Smart Cities and Governments


  • Jaewon Peter Chun, President, World Smart Cities Forum (WSCF), UK


  • Gianluca Galletto, Managing Director, Global Futures Group (GFG), US

  • Robinson Hernandez, Executive Director, Urban Tech Hub, USA

  • Prof Miguel Amaral, University of Lisbon, ICTE

  • Michael Jansen, Chairman & CEO Cityzenith

18:30 (Panel) The Future of Collaborative Innovation, Media, IP, Digital Platforms with 4IR & AI


  • Jomar Reyes, Future WorkPlace Community Architect


  • Ricardo Greenfield, Branch Manager EURA AG Portugal & Brussels

  • Subhash R. Ghosh, Founder & CEO, Technoplat Ltd

  • Rhona Morrell, Founder, cocoairlie consulting

  • Renata Ramalhosa, Founder, Beta-i

19:30 (Panel) Finding our way Forward with UN SDGs, ESGs in the Post-Covid19 World


  • David Perez, CFO, Ruh Global IMPACT


  • Ileana Rodriguez, Principal Owner, Design Access LLC

  • Tara Moss, best-selling author of The War Widow and Disability & Human Rights Advocate

  • Sarah Stites, Development Officer Caritas Agregak Foundation

  • Haibin Zhou, Founder & CEO Disability Inclusion Consultant

20:40 (Wrap of the day) Smarter Inclusive businesses – SMEs – Organisations with a SDG Society 5.0

Debra Ruh, Founder & CEO Ruh Global IMPACT

Hilton Supra, Vice Chairman openbusinesscouncil

Special Guest The Blind Poet – David Steele

21st April UK Time, 10 panels 50 Speakers

Topics: ESG Investment, Blockchain, Defi, Fintech, Investment, Digital Assets, Security tokens, tokenisation, VCs, Funding

08h00 am – (Panel) Redesigning Businesses After Covid – ESG – Sustainability – Finance and Digital Transformation Investment


  • Dinis Guarda, Founder CEO Executive Chairman openbusinesscouncil.org citiesabc.com


  • Francesca Sanderson – Director of Arts Programmes and Investments, NESTA

  • Syed Junaid Imam – CEO Ignite, Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication (MoITT) Pakistan

  • Neil Milliken, Global Head of Accessibility, Atos, AxChat, W3 consortium advisor

  • Michael Sung, Founder and CEO Carbon Blue, Fintech Academic and researcher

09h30 (Panel) Centralised Finance vs Decentralised Finance, Digital Assets – NFTs


  • Hirander Misra, CEO GMEX


  • Melanie Morh, WOM Protocol Singapore

  • Peter Kristensen – Co-CEO JP Fund Services

  • Khalid Saad, Board Member, Bahrain Chapter Oqal Angel Investors I CoinMENA,

  • Xavier Gomez, Founder & CEO, Invyo

  • Max Lautenschlager – Managing Partner & Co-Founder of Iconic Holdings

11h00 (Panel) How are Scale-Ups and Venture Capital Accelerator Networks Aiding Growth to the Business Startup Ecosystem?


  • Hilton Supra, Vice Chairman openbusinesscouncil


  • William Bao, General Partner at SOSV

  • Aaron Sarma, General Partner, ScaleUp Malaysia

  • Charlie Hu, Managing Partner of CarbonBlue Ventures

  • John Sharp, Partner, Hatcher

12h15 am(Panel) Continued Learning – Data, Research, Edtech – Tech as the enabler


  • Elise Quevedo – Thought Leader, Influencer, Author


Aditya Malik – CEO TalentEdge,

  • Yu Xiong – Associate Dean International Surrey University Chair of Business Analytics,

  • Dr Jamal Ouenniche, Professor & Chair, Business Analytics, University of Edinburgh

  • Sidi Ahmed, Senior Project Manager SAP Division, University of Lausanne

  • Nguyen Binh Truong, Research Associate Data Science Institute, Dep. Computing, Imperial College London

13h30 pm (Panel) Fintech, GovTech, LegalTech and PropTech


  • Asad Sultan – Chief Executive Officer at Deutsche Malayan Ventures


  • Zeynep Engin, Founder Director Data for Policy CIC, Senior Research Associate University Cambridge

  • Guenther Dobrauz, Partner & Leader PwC Legal Services, Global LegalTech Leader

  • Patrick Tan, CEO & General Counsel, Novum Alpha

  • Nachiketa Das,  Managing Director of Novistra Capital

15h00 pm – (Panel) Blockchain, DeFi and CBDC – the Next Fintech Frontier


  • Simon Cocking, Editor-in-Chief, Irish Tech News


  • Eloisa Marchesoni– Co-Founder and COO Blackchain

  • Zhang Xiaochen – President FinTech4Good – HAVE A CALL WITH EVA

  • Marcelo Miranda, Founder Finchain, FlowBTC, PandaPay

  • Jiaying Christine Jiang, Hauser Global Fellow, NYU Schoool of Law

16h15 pm – (Panel) AI, Robotics, Singularity and Deep tech- the Next Frontier


  • Dinis Guarda, Founder CEO Executive Chairman openbusinesscouncil.org citiesabc.com


  • Ben Goertzel – Scientist CEO,

  • Scott Edward Parazynski is an American physician and a former NASA astronaut

  • Aidan Meller, Creator, Ai-Da Robot

  • Olivia Gambelin – Founder and CEO Ethical Intelligence I AI Ethicist

17h30 pm – (Panel) Investments and Strategies on Future Cities and Governments


  • Dr Celine Chi Hae Wong, Philanthropy Ambassador, Smiling Gecko, Switzerland


  • Amir Guttman, Managing Partner, Aviv Venture Capital, Israel
  • Angel Garcia, Founding Partner, Lanta Digital Ventures, Spain
  • Othmane Zrikem, Founder, A/O PropTech

18:45 (Panel) ESG, Social Inclusion, Carbon Footprint and Energy



  • Michael Stanley-Jones – Programme Management Officer UN Environment Programme

  • Eduardo Javier Muñoz – CEO EVShare

  • Alexandre Berndt, Chief Researcher, EMBRAPA PECUÁRIA SUDESTE

  • Andréa Filipini Rodrigues Lauermann, Social Worker, ILA- Lucas Amoroso Institute

20:15 (Panel) Digital Transformation, Blockchain & The WorkPlace of the Future


Antonio Vieira Santos, Senior Workplace Expert, Atos


  • Glenn Parry, Prof Digital Transformation, University of Surrey
  • Linda Goetze – Co-founder DFM Data Corp
  • Charlie Copa, Venture Associate, New Chip Accelerator
  • Vernon Sankey, Board Member Atos SE | Author

21h15 pm – Final Session and Wrap up – Dinis Guarda, Special Guest

Special Guests:


Serafima Semkina, VP Business Operations, Ztudium

22nd April UK Time, 3 panels - 15 speakers + 20 special guests

Topics: Redesigning the Cities of the future – Smart cities – GovTech – Sustainable future

08:00 am (Panel) Smart Cities Challenges and Opportunities

Short film about Smart cities 5 minutes – Opening panel – Redesigning the Cities and Governments of the future – Case studies smart cities


  • Jaewon Peter Chun 20 min


  • Dr Hila Oren – CEO, The Tel Aviv Foundation – Smart City Tel Aviv – 20 min

  • Dr Tu Anh Trinh, Director, Institute of Smart City and Management, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

  • Dr Young-sup Joo, Chairman, Korea ICT Convergence Network (KICON), S. Korea

09:30 (Panel) Smart cities Case studies – Singapore, Netherlands and the UK


  • Dinis Guarda – 15 min


  • Atsushi Taira, Managing Director, Mistletoe, Singapore

  • Jordy Vos, Lead Digital Construction of Witteveen+Bos

  • Jawad Sardar, Future Cities & Prosperity Specialist, DIT U

10:45 (Panel) Smart cities & Circular Economy- Industries Experts and Organisations

Moderator: Jeremy Lustman, Partner, DLA Piper, USA


  • Mun-gu Park, Head of CS CoE, KPMG, South Korea
  • Bas Van Beers, CEO, Fringe, Netherlands (20 min)
  • William Wu, President One4City
  • Prof Joao Amato Neto, PHD & Specialist Sustainability & Circular Economy

13h00 How can we create a smarter and more human centric, creative society and business in the light of the challenges of Covid 19?

  • Dinis Guarda, Founder CEO Executive Chairman openbusinesscouncil.org citiesabc.com
  • Jaaved Jaffri, Bollywood actor
  • Elise Quevedo, Thought Leader, Influencer, Author

15h00 Event wrap up – Can we redesign our cities, nations, governments with Smart cities, Blockchain, AI – 4IR, Society 5.0?


  • Dinis Guarda, Founder CEO Executive Chairman openbusinesscouncil.org
  • Hilton Supra, Vice Chairman openbusinesscouncil
  • Serafima Semkina, VP Operations openbusinesscouncil, techabc, ztudium group         
  • Debra Ruh, Founder & CEO Ruh Global IMPACT
  • Dr Kirk Adams, President and chief executive officer of the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB)
  • Jaewon Peter Chun, President World Smart Cities Forum
  • Jewel Okwechime, Board Founder, VFD Group Nigeria