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Awarding the best companies and organisations, fostering digital transformation, smart cities, tech, blockchain, AI and big data solutions for businesses, cities, governments and our society


APRIL 2021


About Awards

The inaugural openbusinesscouncil citiesabc digital awards will showcase the excellence of innovation and technologies by startups within six categories- Artificial Intelligence; Blockchain; Smart Cities; Digital Wellness and Wellbeing, HealthTech; Big Data and Analytics; and Social Impact. Within each category, we would award an organization, a product or service or an individual. The openbusinesscouncil citiesabc awards are designed to bring together experts and influencers with the aim to recognise startups that are paving the way for outstanding strategy, application and effectiveness of 4IR technologies. The entries from these startups will be judged on Business and Cities technology innovation.

Winners' Benefits

Every participant will have a wiki-style entry in openbusinesscouncil platform and certificate of participation



• Trophy – uniquely produced by AI Robot
• Winners certificate (digital and physical)


Investment and Funding

• Access to investment opportunities of $USD 150k – $USD 450k via YingDe Group innovator investment program
Personalised mentoring for debt capital raising Guidance in receiving up to 33% Research and Development credits of company tax credits for companies and startups in UK. Service Credits from partner tech and payment service providers
• Opportunity to receive 33% Research and Development credit in a company tax relief that can either reduce startup tax bill or provide a cash sum.

Group 18523

Accelerators Access

Winners will have its products/solutions featured on World Smart Cities Forum (WSCF) shortlisted within the context of London / UK, New York / USA, Hanoi / Vietnam and Ukraine Smart Cities

• Winners will be integrated into the smart cities program

• Winners would qualify for the XnTREE &ARK-i Labs  accelerator programs 

• Winners will have opportunities to showcase on startup tech ecosystems in EU, USA, China, Bangladesh,  Scotland, Malaysia and Brazil, Blockchain and Smart city ecosystem



 Access to partner universities network and  their business tech R&D ecosystem departments:

The University of Edinburgh, University Of Surrey, Durham University, King’s College London Blockchain Association. UCL, Technical University of Lisbon, University of California – Smart Cities, Accessibility, Blockchain and AI Departments

 Have your product / solutions shortlisted on World Smart Cities Forum initiatives – Smart Cities, Accessibility, Blockchain and AI Departments.


Media Promotion

• Company profile and interview on openbusinesscouncil.org
• Company profile, media promotion and interview on citiesabc.com
• Company profile, media promotion and interview on intelligenthq.com
• Promotion on all our media outreach and other PR outreach

Qualification Process

The competition for the award is open to all individuals, companies, and organizations involved in producing new innovative digital 4IR solutions. To be eligible, an entry must have been produced or updated within a one year window prior to the application





Technical Excellence

Usability, Disability UI/ UX

Effectiveness Implementation

Potential for Growth

Success Stories

Ethical and Social Impact


Success Stories

Effectiveness Implementation

Potential for Growth

Ethical and Social Impact

Technical Excellence

Usability, Disability UI/ UX


Awarded to a single product or service or line of products or services launched or updated in the last 12 months

AI product and services 360

AI product and services 360


Blockchain DeFi and Fintech related solutions

Smart Cities

Smart Cities/Govtech

Digital Wellness and Wellbeing, HealthTech

Digital Wellness, Wellbeing, HealthTech

Big Data and Analytics

Social media,
Big Data and Analytics

Social Impact

Digital Inclusion, Social impact, Disability and Accessibility

How to Enter?

The entry process for the openbusinesscouncil citiesabc awards could not be simpler – here’s how it works

There are 6 categories to choose from. You can enter as many categories as you like, submitting each entry separately via the online form.
Fill in the provided Form and attach all files you would like to submit to strengthen the application.
A large, high quality company logo must be uploaded with each submission. If your entry is shortlisted, your logo will be displayed in our social media and at the awards ceremony attended by hundreds of the leading names in the industry. Every applicant would have a wiki-style entry on the openbusinesscouncil.org platform
Applications made until 1 February 2021 $50
2 February – 1 March 2021 $75
2 March – 31 March 2021 $100
The awards are open to any relevant organisation based worldwide
Soon after the awards close for entries, we will announce the shortlist, from which our judging panel will select the winners who will be announced at the openbusinesscouncil citiesabc awards ceremony on 22 April 2021. All shortlisted entrants will be notified by email.
• Companies and startups can make multiple applications in different categories
• Firms are encouraged to nominate themselves.
• The award winners will be chosen by an extensive panel of expert Jury, using a fair and transparent judging process.
• Additional material will not be accepted.
• A clear timeframe must be stated in the submission.
• Judges may not participate in those categories where there are conflicts of interest
Best of luck with your entries and we look forward to seeing you at the openbusinesscouncil summit 20-21 April 2021 and at the ceremony on 22 April 2021.
The ceremony will be a closed online event and we would have 2 exclusive concerts by outstanding performers!

Jury Panel

The jury panel will include leading influencers and academics in the award field and in partnership with the World Smart Cities Forum

Professor Yu Xiong
Associate Dean International, Chair of Business Analytics, Surrey University
David Siegel
Founder of Cutting Through the Noise
Jaewon Peter Chun
President at World Smart Cities Forum
Hilton Supra
Vice Chairman ztudium and citiesabc
Kiran Fernandes
Professor and Associate Dean Durham University UK
Debra Ruh
CEO, Founder of Ruh Global IMPACT Talk Show Host of AXSChat
Hirander Misra
Chairman & CEO GMEX Group & SECDEX
Michael Stanley Jones
Programme Management Officer at United Nations Environment Programme
Dinis Guarda
CEO and Founder of openbusinesscouncil, citiesabc
Antonio Vieira Santos
Senior Workplace Expert at Atos | Member of the Siemens #SIEX Community
Asad Sultan
Chief Executive Officer at Deutsche Malayan Ventures
Dinis Guarda
CEO and Founder of openbusinesscouncil, citiesabc
Asad Sultan
Chief Executive Officer at Deutsche Malayan Ventures
Antonio Vieira Santos
Senior Workplace Expert at Atos | Member of the Siemens #SIEX Community
Craig Skeldon
Business Development Manager at Bayes Centre of The University of Edinburgh
Ben Goertzel
Founder of SingularityNET
Aidan Meller
Creator of Ai-Da robot
Karl Smith
Polymath, Influencer, Authority UX UI, AI, IoT andFounder Human-Centered Design Society


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Selected personalities and leaders from the following organisations

Selected personalities and leaders from the following organisations

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Selected personalities and leaders from the following organisations



Selected personalities and leaders from the following organisations


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AI Awards Best Business And Startup Solution

AI is the biggest thing when it comes to creating foundational 360 technologies of our times and increasingly critical for businesses and governments. This award highlights companies and businesses that are creating the best solutions with AI for:
Solving a specific business challenge

  • Usability and Cost-effectiveness
  • Strong business growth opportunity (How did this AI solution allow you to grow your business?
  • Dual-benefit to demonstrate a positive impact on the organisation as well as its customers/partners
  • Ethical use (for example, development of AI solutions to combat unconscious bias, fake news. etc

Blockchain Awards Best Business And Startup Solution

Blockchain technology is a fast-growing foundational technology that touches all areas of society and increasingly does it on almost all areas of the internet of trust, digital ID, the supply chain for businesses and organisations. This award highlights the best blockchain DLT solutions when it comes to:

  • Enterprise Solutions
    Industry Solutions
  • Public Sector Services
  • Community & Ecosystem
  • Governance & Policy: 
  • Defi Solutions
  • Decentralised Finance 360 solutions

Smart Cities Awards For Best Cities, Business and GovTech Solution

Smart City Award – This award highlights the best global city/cities that have demonstrated pioneering projects, tech, platforms, innovations, ideas and intelligent strategies that have helped develop sustainable and inclusive urban areas around the world.  Smart City Business Award– This award highlights companies that feature innovative solutions for smart cities, smart government strategic technologies, platforms or services that are critical to creating better smart, intelligent cities in areas such as:
  • Digital Twin Smart City Solution 
  • Urban Accessibility and Mobility 
  • Inclusive and Circular Economy 
  Best GovTech Solution Award  GovTech solution for the industry best businesses and companies transforming public services, to achieve better for less and improve outcomes by digitally delivering new services to enable citizens to engage with the public sector and receive the public services they need and by joining up data and services in a mobile, connected world.

Digital Wellness and Wellbeing, HealthTech

This award highlights the best solution and innovative companies creating Digital Wellness and Wellbeing, Healthtech solutions  Digital Wellness and Wellbeing  Wellness programs can use web-based tools to help organize and administer a wellness program. These web-based computer systems are called digital wellness platforms. An effective wellness program should be a healthy living support tool that helps individuals adopt and maintain healthy behaviours and it should use the best behaviour change science to accomplish objectives, The companies enrolling for the award provide a solution in one of the following areas
  •  Online wellness services 
  • Mindfulness 
  • Sleep Technologies Optimizing our circadian rhythm
  •  Digital Detoxing 
The HealthTech Award  The industry best businesses and companies transforming fast-growing sectors including BioTech, life sciences and MedTech. HealthTech start-ups are developing consumer-facing apps to help book health appointments, better technology for clinician workflows or even using machine learning to work through genomics data to boost drug discovery programmes.      

Big Data and Analytics Awards Best Business and Startup Solution

Businesses and organisations are increasingly focusing on data and analytics to drive their operations and all areas of their operations. These awards demonstrate and highlight global companies showing excellence in data and analytics solutions, tech and services.

The Award is specifically focused on recognising teams & end-user organisations that are doing groundbreaking work to deliver business outcomes using Big Data and Analytics techniques

Applicants shall provide services or use the solutions in one of the following areas

  • Industry Application of Technology
  • Most Innovative implementation of Big Data
  • Analytics
  • Customer Insights
  • Big Data Application for Social Good

Social Impact Awards - Disability, Accessibility, ESG Best Business and Startup Solution

Businesses know that they have to have a socially responsible and impactful direction and work on ways to tackle ethics, ways to enable the UN SDG , ESG – Environmental, Sustainability and Growth directives and how to manage their operations and special teams and society in best ways. This award is looking at and highlights global products and implementations that show the best solutions in these areas critical for our businesses

  • Disability
  • Accessibility
  • ESG – Environmental, Social, and Governance
  • Inclusion and Diversity
  • Sustainability